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Live Help is Available:

Phone Technical Support

Ovid's 24/7 support commitment is made possible by the addition of new 24-hour Technical Support phone numbers. Calling these numbers after local business hours routes your call to a representative in the office that is currently open. To speak with a representative from your regional office, you must call during that office's normal business hours. Note that this 24 hour service is for technical support issues only: sales, customer service, and other questions should continue to be made to your local office during normal business hours. Learn More

Email Technical Support

Assisting our customers is a primary concern, and Ovid recognizes that not every problem occurs during normal business hours. That is why Ovid offers 24 hour worldwide technical support for our customers. Now, any time you have a technical issue, such as a problem logging in or accessing your Ovid resources, a Technical Support engineer will be available to assist you.

Still need answers? Email tech support directly and we’ll be sure to respond within 3-5 business days.

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