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Wolters Kluwer is committed to helping faculty and their courses to better prepare and support your student learning needs and meet your evolving school and program curriculum requirements. This section features free educator resources and guidance on the practical use and trends for anatomy education tools. Please feel free to view, download and share these free anatomy resources with your fellow faculty, staff or students. And don’t forget to check back for periodic updates and new content.

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Booklets and Guides


Anatomy Solutions Guide

Explore the latest digital and print solutions for anatomy education from Wolters Kluwer and Lippincott.


Anatomy Survival Guide

Contains helpful hints and comments from anatomy students and instructors to help prepare students for their gross anatomy course and lab.


eBooks and Handouts

Access helpful resources to share with your faculty and students

Anatomy Etymology eBook


Anatomy Fact & Fiction eBook


Skeletal System Fun Facts eBook


Top 10 Study Tips
for Acing A&P


Undergrad A&P Prefixes & Suffixes eBook



Gain helpful education and industry insights on a variety of topics.


Student Purchase Habits


Student Use of Education Resources



Healthcare Jobs Reports

Show your students the latest job growth in healthcare to keep them focused and motivated!


Healthcare Jobs by Salary


Healthcare Jobs by Growth





Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy


Acland Anatomy Podcast, Featuring New Inner Ear Videos

Preview the groundbreaking content now included in Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy that sheds new light on the intricate—and hard to ascertain—anatomy of the inner ear.

Grant's Anatomy Lab

See how this customizable online lab manual tool is the perfect solution for faculty and students in the dissection lab.

Grant's Suite of Resources

Learn how the Grant’s suite of resources can help you optimize the teaching and learning of human anatomy.

LWW Health Library

Find out how Lippincott's online platform delivers authoritative content, optimal learning and accessibility for your students and faculty.

Medical Embryology Animations

Check out a preview of our new collection of medical embryology animations, now available via license. These animations help students visualize in 3D, and coordinates with text and illustrations in the bestselling textbook Langman’s Medical Embryology.

Visible Body - Awesome Anatomy Content!

Gain anatomy insights from experts on a variety of topics.

Watch the full playlist

Visible Body Presents: Dr. Beatty Explains It All

Dr. Brennen Beatty explains common ailments he sees in the emergency room.

Watch the full playlist

Visible Body - Fast Facts

Review anatomy in 30 seconds or less!

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Learn@Visible Body

Get a quick review of key anatomy concepts.

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